Selange Gitschner

Founder + Creative Director

Selange is a certified Interior Designer specializing in environmental and sustainable design.  After a career with a respected International Architectural firm, she joined the Events and Marketing world in 2005.

Selange has built up a tremendous reputation in Bermuda and overseas for delivering exceptionally creative and unique events. She is known for her unique take on a creative brief, always sourcing with a story, curating treasures and giving all her events bespoke individual treatment. It’s because of this drive Selange has acquired numerous corporate and private clients which motivated her to cofound Dasfete in 2015.

Selange is a perfectionist and ensures that all details have been considered and that they are executed with precision to a set schedule. Her tenacity and creativity will ensure your event or project will be memorable, visually stunning , flawless and fun!

Matthew Strong

Founder + Production Director

Matthew has a diverse background, having worked in the Production, Charter Management and Financial industries.  He recently left his career in International Business where he was a project manager for clients like GM, Microsoft and Pepsi. It is important to have someone with the experience and know how to deliver world class customer/client service whilst keeping a project on budget and on time.

Matthew prides himself in being an expert in logistics and delivering Return on Investment. Careful planning and special consideration of client needs are key to a successful marketing strategy through organized events.

Matthew is most passionate about sustainability and producing seamless events that deliver impact with efficiency.